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Aug 1, 2013 1:00am PDT
is screwed, and obstructing obama isn't in house republican's self-interest. john mccain, undecided 2016 voter, an exclusive interview. republican senator john mccain sitting down for an interview with the lefty smart kid of the new republic would be news in and of itself. check out what he says. the magazine asked him about the painful budget cuts forced by republicans in congress. the ones that were never supposed to happen. john mccain voted for those cuts which were supposed to scare congress into reaching an agreement, so they would never actually take place. were you surprised that republicans allowed sques drags? senator mccain, it is the worst vote i have cast in many years. senator mccain talking to a liberal magazine, openly regretting his vote, i think for good reason. because today we got a report on the american economy, and the good news is that the economy is growing, it's just not growing very fast. part of why this bar is so short is the budget cuts john mccain supported then and regrets now. without those cuts, the american economy would look more like this, with more j
FOX Business
Aug 5, 2013 7:00pm EDT
again and know that these targets are so important we are willing to it shut them down. lou: john mccain, lindsay gramm, the senator in cairo now at the presidents be asked to do what? >> well, ostensibly to try to get some sort of unity government formed including the muslim brotherhood, giving the military on board. the military is saying, wait a minute. lou: the president's -- >> out. correct. the president of the united states of this administration was so deeply invested in the muslim brotherhood's ascent in egypt and their control in egypt but the fact that the military command on the side of the good guys to remove the muslim brotherhood creating this infamous state in egypt seems to be lost on the president. let me just finish. lindsay gramm and john mccain on this so-called peace mission to try to get a unity government when the people of egypt for the most part to not want the muslim brotherhood in the longer in power. once again this of ministration finds itself on the wrong side of the egyptian people and history. >> what i get irritated at is mccain and gramm are being used.
Aug 9, 2013 6:30pm EDT
"raising mccain," please welcome meghan mccain! >> nice to see you. >> meghan mccain describes her new show, "raising mccain," as -- >> i'm meghan mccain, yeah, that's my dad. it's this crazy weird show and it's talking about tngs i want to talk about with people my age and i wanted to be a little mysterious. >> we anything left from the co-author of " >> america is a sexy [beep]. the greatest country ever. mark, [beep], everybody! >> is da appearance? >> i have never interviewed my dad before. i'm going home and interviewing him and my mom. and nervous actually. >> what is the biggest political argument you have gotten into with your dad? >> gay find a middle ground on. >> you talk about romance on your show. is there someone special in your life at the moment? >> no, i'm so single. i'm so singl a guy that makes me want to have kids. >> good answer. do you have any desire for political never. once this show comes out, it will never happen. >> if you were to reconsider, i would vote for you. >> thank you, rio. if you ever run, i would vote for you, too. >> thank you very much. running mate
Aug 6, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. republicans wednesday gramm and john mccain sent by president obama. they have been talking to , at this is what john mccain had to say. >> we have also said that the circumstances of the former government's removal, we have not come to egypt to dwell on the past. democracy is the only viable path to a lasting stability, national reconciliation and sustainable economic growth. and the return of investment and tourism in egypt. >> to an asia is bracing itself for protests later this tuesday. they're calling for the islamists led government to go. turmoil has mounted in recent months since the assassination of two opposition politicians. >> to killings that have struck at the heart of the opposition. shot dead outside his home, a political assassination. they prompted rallies calling for the resignation for the radical less. .hey were elected to years ago the ruling party will organize its own demonstrations in support of the efforts. it drew tens of thousands of people. the party leader says it is undemocratic and hampering their search. if they insist on bringing down the go
Aug 7, 2013 12:00pm PDT
that. before we let you go, i wanted to get in on john mccain here, who's playing an interesting role. the u.s. has struggled to define how it wants to deal with the shift in egypt. they've backed off any discussion of whether or not it was a coup, for various reasons, including legal ones connecting to how much aid we give egypt. now you have john mccain over there. i want to play for you something the president said because it's interesting. it's possible that mccain is sort of moving up into playing the role that wendall wilkey once played for fdr. take a listen. >> you had that lovers' quarrel for a while. now you're best friends. what happened? >> that's how a classic romantic comedy goes, right? you know, initially you're not getting along and you keep on bumping into each other. he deserves credit for being somebody who's willing to go against the grain of his own party sometimes. it's probably not good for me to compliment him on television. >> perry, who's that relationship working for? >> i think if you look at the context of it, in 2009 and 2010, john mccain criticized bara
FOX News
Aug 11, 2013 7:00am PDT
: arizona republican senator john mccain wants to put more pressure on putin who he says really doesn't value the u.s./russian relationship. mccain suggests bringing the country of georgia into nato, though that could drag the alliance into conflict with russia since russia and georgia have themselves gone to war in the past decade. eric? >> wendell, see if they have another photo op. what that looks like. if one's way over there and one's way over there during the g-20. >>> the stage is now set for a major showdown over obama care. republican senator ted cruz is leading a new campaign to repeal the health care overhaul. an effort president obama says has consumed the republican party. >> i think the really interesting question is why it is that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail. their number one priority. the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> well, that might have been true that it was just republicans. but a n
Aug 18, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> i want to start with comments made this morning by john mccain on cnn. he told candy crowley that the u.s. lost credibility in egypt and the u.s. should cut off aid all together. then candy asked him to describe the obama administration's overall policy toward the middle east. >> there is no policy and there is no strategy. therefore, we react and we react poorly. >> obviously harsh words from senator mccain. what do you think? does he have a point? >> i think even obama advisors would be hard pressed to tell you what is the obama doctrine when it comes to the middle east? is it whack-a-mole via drone policy, speak loudly, carry a trig or infamously lead from behind. we've seen a patch work of approaches that are contradictory. we helped lead the strikes from libya to try to liberate libyans from gadhafi's rule. we did that to protect ben ghazi. benghazi became a death trap for our american ambassador and three other americans. the perpetrators still haven't been brought to justice. i don't think anyone can pinpoint what is obama's strategy is fo
Aug 1, 2013 2:00am PDT
ago, they fought a bitter battle for the white house it was pretty clear back then in john mccain and president obama didn't like one another. fast forward to 2013, suddenly they're getting quite chummy. here's dana bash. >> reporter: only few months ago you couldn't turn on the tv without seeing john mccain railing against president obama. >> this president and this administration has either been guilty of colossal imcompetence or engaged in a cover-up. >> reporter: but now, a 180. >> i think there is a more of a desire to work together. >> reporter: suddenly mccain is obama's go-to guy to get things done on immigration, striking a deal allowing confirmation of half a dozen of obama's nominees and now heading to egypt with republican lindsay graham at the president's request. >> we have relationships with many of people in egypt because of our past encounters. >> reporter: back when they were rival for president, it was hard to imagine that obama/mccain -- >> who is the real barack obama? i gue i. >> reporter: in 2008, did you ever think that you would be president obama's republ
Aug 27, 2013 1:00pm PDT
for leading from behind. but today john mccain said president obama is someone culpable for last week's who aric -- horrific attacks. mccain said assad was able to use chemical weapons before and there was no response so why not do it again? they viewed that not as a red line but as a green light and they acted accordingly. >> want to commend the president for finally following through on our red line threats. that's important for our credibility. but our strategy on libya has been confused from the begin ing. we're going in with limited air strikes for what purpose? our own state department and pentagon have said it's not to change the course of the war. we've done this. we've done this in libya. we went in, rattled around for a few days to urge gadhafi's ouster and then what? libya was neither more safe, the region was not more stable, al qaeda had not been eradicated and we were the victims of terror attacks a short time later. >> there's a lot of head nodding here. you're nodding no. >> that would be head shaking. the twerking, shaking of my head, no, no. >> why? >> first of all, we hav
Aug 4, 2013 6:00pm EDT
them rotten and then turn them back to the their parents to deal with. [laughter] >> is john mccain a new close ally of the senate? >> john mccain is john mccain. i have known him. we will sometimes be shouting at each other. five minutes later we're walking arm in arm down the halls. i'll tell you one thing about if he disagrees with you, he has no hesitation to tell you. sometimes very emphatically. president and for reaching out. i give john credit. they have areas they disagree with. they say, let's work on the things we agree on. i've been here with democratic and republican presidents. i try to work with each one of them on things. label?es about the party do what is best. , thank you fory being with us. we continue the conversation with phil mattingly, who covers bloomberg news. what news did he make today? >> i was interested to hear him talk about the gun legislation that failed on the floor in april. obama and other leading democrats believed it is round one. it's sort of dropped from the radar as immigration came back we heard from the chairman of the judiciary c
Aug 18, 2013 6:00pm EDT
by god. >> john mccain has taken a leading role on importing the nuclear option on executive branch nominees. indicating that he wants a big role. mccain will be on the table on the debt limit increase. are you concerned about senator john mccain? >> i am always concerned about dealmaking for the sake of dealmaking. if one party says here is what i stand for and another says here is what i stand for and in the process you have to say how do we get something done? that is different from saying it is really cool to get some people in the room and let's try to negotiate something. sometimes you look at what senator mccain has done. he has had great accomplishments. he has had a heroic path for the country. other times there is an enthusiasm about gangs for the sake of gangs. >> this is a little broad, hypothetical. for those people who are watching, if someone out there and the audience happens to be a conservative who has substantial financial means to give money to some group in washington and they have not done so before, why would they get it to you incident the club for growth or
Aug 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
to a residential area. he made the comment to senator john mccain in tokyo. the two discussed the plan to relocate the air station to the coastal district also in okinawa. mccain said he hopes the governor will soon approve the central government's plan to begin filling in the offshore area. governor nakaima is expected to decide whether to approve the application as earl aez next spring. onodera said he was concerned about drastic budget cuts made by the u.s. senate for transferring marines from okinawa to guam with talks with the senator. if the transfer doesn't take place, the return of u.s. facilities to japan may not happen. he called on the u.s. to provide funds for the military's relocation in order to ease the burden on okinawa. mccain said members of congress are aware of the feelings of the people of okinawa. he said he hoped for a positive decision from the governor. >> if the governor of okinawa approves, then we will be able to move forward with the construction, further construction of camp schwab and other measures taken to eliminate the marines at futenma. >> mccain added congress
Aug 25, 2013 12:30pm PDT
that that is a line -- red line for us. >> senator john mccain says the red line threat is a joke. >> the president of the united states says it would be a red line and a game changer. he now sees that as a green light. means the word of the president of the united states can no longer be taken seriously. >> president obama said he is sympathetic to mccain's passion, but he adds, sometimes what we have seen is that folks will call for immediate action, jumping into stuff, and it doesn't turn out well. the president says we have to think through strategically what will be in will be in our long- term international interest even while we do everything we can to put pressure on those who would kill innocent civilians. let me ask you this. when the president says the use of chemical weapons is a red line, what does that mean? >> it means nothing because the government already said on the thater attacks months ago the red line had been crossed. obama's response is is to release a statement to the deputy spokesman for the state department that we would send small arms to the rebels, which of course meant
Aug 8, 2013 2:00am EDT
trying to run bob dole, and w. when he spent all that money, and a guy like mccain they didn't believe in. they didn't believe in these guys. they certainly didn't believe in mitt romney. i think they're going to run a true believer next time. what do you think, looking across the aisle? >> i hope they run a true believer. i hope ted cruz will be nominated because the votes obama got last time will be the starting point if he's nominated. >> let me tell you why it's not ted cruz because occasionally, you have to smile once in a while. not all the time. you have to occasionally crack a smile. he doesn't do that. john brabender, it's great to have you on. and steve mcmahon. thank you. i think we're getting to the point where all agree. >>> coming up, what patriots these republicans are. they're grateful that president obama canceled his summit with vladimir putin, not because they think it's good for the country but because they get to call it a foreign policy failure, just like they called getting along with putin timid. this president can't win on that side. >>> also, president obama goes
Aug 12, 2013 6:30pm EDT
new show "raising mccain," please welcome meghan mccain! >> nice to see you. >> meghan mccain describes her --w show, "raising mccain," as >> not your mama's talk show. i'm meghan mccain, yeah, that's my dad. it's this crazy weird show and it's talking about things i want to talk about with people my age and i wanted to be a little mysterious. >> we wouldn't expect anything left from the co-author of "america, you sexy b-word." >> america is a sexy [beep]. the greatest country ever. america, [beep] everybody! >> is dad going to make an appearance? >> i have never interviewed my dad before. i'm going home and interviewing him and my mom. i'm intimidated and nervous actually. >> what is the biggest political argument you have gotten into with your dad? >> gay marriage. that continues to be the issue that we cannot find a middle ground on. >> has technology killed the art of romance? >> you talk about romance on your show. is there someone special in your life at the moment? >> no, i'm so single. i have been filming forever. i'm so single. i want to meet a guy that makes me want
FOX Business
Aug 17, 2013 10:00am EDT
graham and mccain? where is this administration supporting the brotherhood when they're a clear and present danger to stability not only in egypt but of the region? >> lou, i don't think they are supporting the muslim brotherhood. i think what they want to avoid is the muslim brotherhood going underground and starting to wage the kind of terrorism within egypt that the jihadees have waged throughout the middle east. the only way to do that is to get the military to include them in some way, shape, or form. and so you send mccain and you send graham to deliver that message. >> that message -- that isn't the message i flank heard them deliver, insisting upon egyptian/brotherhood participation. speaking directly to the leaders of the secular military, including the general, this is preposterous on its face to me that their idea about avoiding a guerilla war with a muslim brotherhood is to put them in a significant role within a coalition, a governor coalition. >> well, i think as long as the military is calling the shots, you can afford to have some muslim brotherhood participation
Aug 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
? is it a problem? >> well, i think they are trying to respond to some congressional republican critics. senator mccain and lindsey graham and bob corker and others, who are arguing for robust military action. i don't think military action is really involved or warranted. if we did, though, i'd argue take decisive action and that is not what we are about to do. i think this is muddled political thinking. >> general mccaffrey, thank you for your help on this. >>> i want to bring in politico's rachel dated and hot line executive editor josh hour. i want to play what senator mccain said on "morning joe" and get your response. >> but isn't it contradictory that two years ago, he said he must go? and now he is saying this isn't aimed at regime change? if it isn't aimed at regime change, what is it aimed at? we can send them a diplomatic note if we just don't agree was with what they are doing. >> senator mccain mentioning the diplomatic note instead of the military action that is discussed so far. if we do carry a military strike in syria, what are the objectives and how more clear do they need to be made h
Aug 7, 2013 11:00am PDT
talking about this throughout the course of the week. william burns was here. senators john mccain and lindsey graham was here. a lot of foreign diplomats have been coming through cairo over the course of the last week to try and negotiate some agreement between the muslim brotherhood and the interim government. they have all left cairo, and that in the eyes of many people is an ominous sign that the government may now feel it has to move in and try to break up these protests. there is some indication that bo back door negotiations are taking place. so far, it looks like the ominous sign, at least, is that the military and police want to try and break up these protests at some point in the coming days. it is a major religious holiday here. some people anticipate it will happen in the days ahead. >> ayman, thank you very much. >>> still ahead, more tragedy for singer usher after his son nearly drowns in the family pool. the latest on the 5-year-old's condition and what happened and how it's all setting up a possible custody battle between the singer and his ex-wife. >>> plus, the wi
FOX Business
Aug 13, 2013 7:00pm EDT
the republican race, reach guliani, do well. 27 percent of followed by john mccain who had 24 percent. connelly's a rice, 19%. so what does all of the 2016 talk me right now? as you can tell, it does not amount to must -- much. it is not really that significant, but it can be because when all of that premature prognosticating against it usually signifies the arms that. don't listen to this, mr. obama. onset of lame-duck status. the good news, even more time for a little golf. always so very helpful federal government. now the department of education is out with their report on school safety. and you will not believe what they're recommending is for students and teachers with the shooter situation. what would you take to a gun fight? we take it up next. ♪ this man is about toe the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one llionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if ynk dsn't think y
FOX Business
Aug 13, 2013 10:00pm EDT
by john mccain who had 24 percent. connelly's aice, 19%. so wha does all of the 2016 talk me right now? as you can tell, it does not amount to must -- much. it is not rally that significant, but it can be cause when all of that premature prognosticating against it usually signifies the arms that. don't listen to this, mr. obama. onset of lame-duck status. the good news, even more time for a little golf. always so very helpful federal government. now the department of education is out with their report on school safety. and you will not believe what they're recommending is for students and teachers withhe shooter situation. what would you take to a gun fight? we take it up next. ♪ you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose fr. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! e's pretty good. she's pretty good. he flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "ne your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. a quarter million tweeters is bea
Aug 4, 2013 10:00am EDT
to the their parents to deal with. >> is john mccain a new close ally of the senate? >> john mccain is john mccain. i have known him. we will sometimes be shouting at each other. five minutes later we're walking arm in arm down the halls. i'll tell you one thing about john. -- if disagrees with you you disagree was with you, he has no hesitation to tell you. i get the president credit for reaching out. there are areas i disagree with. that is the way we used to do. i have been here with democratic and republican presidents. they disagree. who cares about what is best? >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. we will continue the conversation. did he make today? >> i was interested to hear him talk about the gun legislation .hat failed on the senate floor president obama and other leading democrats believed that this is just round one and they would be coming back. the sort of dropped from radar as immigration came back up. he does not think it is going to come back. that has now closed. that henteresting to me seemed to indicate that michael bloomberg may be heard the debate more than he held. he p
Aug 21, 2013 4:30am PDT
are safe from bullies. >>> new word from senator john mccain as violence in egypt continue. what he's asking the president to do. the latest developments in cairo, next. >>> a few hours from now, the man who leaked thousands of documents to the site wikileaks will learn his fate. what we expect a judge to say. >. 4:45. egyptian authorities captured two more key islamist leaders an i an top ally captured as he tried to escape to libya yesterday. the egyptian military has been cracking down on the numb brotherhood, the party of former president morsi. republican senator mccain called on president obama to take a stronger stance against egypt, which still receives federal aid from the u.s. >> the united states has influence, but if the united states doesn't use that influence, then it has no influence. so far the united states has sent a very, very mixed message to the people who have caused mayhem in the streets of cairo and egypt. >> mccain has called on the u.s. to cut off the more than $1 billion in annual military aid it sends to egypt. >>> we are learning the obama administration
Aug 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
and is expected to recover. >>> we know exactly what kind of romance that senator mccain has in mind. well, the president traded that bromance for some real romance last night. he ant the first lady dined out for a belated birthday dinner. >>> and governor chris christie has signed ten bills into law. one of the new measures is bang the sale of guns to people on the terrorism watch list. >>> and for more on the weather forecast, nbc's bill karins is here. >> we showed you the pictures earlier from missouri and we have been talking about this for three, four mornings in a row. another batch of thunderstorms is moving out of oklahoma and now it's about to cross the border intro oklahoma and the o o oez darks. runner up to the worst morning commute is upstate new york, northern jersey up into new england. heavy rain once again this morning, it's going to be a slow drive on the new york state freeway, up through connecticut, through massachusetts, the mass pike, all of those areas will be having as much as one to two inches today. when you get thunderstorms in this region of the country, you'r
Aug 5, 2013 12:00pm EDT
in higher percentages for the president than hispanic americans. so if, you know, a fellow like john mccain is a very honest man and comes forward and says there are parts of america where the republican party doesn't have a chance if we don't identify ourselves on the right side of immigration reform. and he has been very open bit. he said those words. john as the credentials to speak when it comes to that and i think if the republicans in the house do not respond to this issue, honestly, in a comprehensive way, it is going to continue to overshadow any other political issue among certain groups in america. okay? >> thank you everybody. >> let me thank, i want to again point out that here we have the business community, greater des moines partnership. we have organized labor, again, reflective what we had in our bill with the u.s. chamber and afl-cio sporting -- supporting our bill. we have the faith community, i don't know how many different faith groups we have in our bill, hundreds. >> catholics evangelicals of. >> everybody in favorite of it, and of course our two dreamers who we are v
Aug 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. will president obama strike syria? and what will be the cost to this country? i'll talk to sen tar john mccain. he said strikes now will be too little too late and the tragic toll of chemical weapons. dr. sanjay gupta, and the interview many are talking about. what james dimaggio's sister told me about hanna anderson. >> the hanna anderson that i saw a few nights ago on tv is certainly not the girl that stayed in my home three weeks prior to them disappearing. >> tonight, i'll talk to drew about what he thinks of her shocking claims. >>> i want to begin with the big story tonight. a report from jim acosta. >> briefed congressional leaders and key committee members this evening because the briefing was on a non-secure conference call, the information was unclassified. the lawmakers are saying administration said there is no doubt officials were responsible for last week's chemical weapons attack. one lawmaker told cnn they were told about intercepted communications from a high level syrian official, which clearly indicates they were responsible for these weapons, and the briefing did touch on t
Aug 26, 2013 4:00pm PDT
on the right. let me ask you this. when was the last time a republican did a mccain and stood up to this dangerous birther talk? >>> and that horrible chemical weapons attack over in syria. everyone seems to agree we need to do something. but no one can agree on what that something is. all the body language suggests the u.s. is about to take some kind of military action. >>> finally, something new here on "hardball." i'll answer some of your twitter questions on the air. and when i give you my answers, i'm not limiting myself to 140 characters. this is "hardball," the place for politics. the gulf, bp had : help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. and didn't know where to sta
Aug 4, 2013 3:40pm EDT
john mccain and democratic representative javier buzz era becerra. this is half an hour. [applause] thank you very much, terry. let me welcome senator mccain back toressman becerra the afl-cio. we are grateful for you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedules. this is a subject that is important to you as well as the 11 million immigrants in the u.s. it is a matter of living a life with the protections that the rest of us take for granted. let's get right to our questions. senator mccain, the passage of immigration reform was in no small measure due to your bipartisan efforts to read what are the chances you think that congress will pass the bill that includes the pathway to citizenship? >> first of all, thank you for .eing here and to congressman becerra. i thank him for his articulate advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform. i must say it is nice to be back here amongst old friends and enemies. [laughter] august is amonth of very important month. the members of congress of both house and senate, in this case, the focus is about the house of representatives back in th
Aug 5, 2013 8:00am EDT
colleague, senator mccain, has again introduced his a la carte cable bill. >> guest: i knew that was going to come up. >> host: speaking of costs, how do you feel about that? >>ing look, i appreciate senator mccain's passion on this. he's filed this bill every year, i think, since i've been in the senate. he feels passionately about it. i think we ought to look at it, consider it, but i also think we're seeing the market change there as well. because now, you know, the whole idea of a la carte and, again, intuitively i think people like this, is that when i buy a cable package from, say, you know, comcast or time warner, whoever i buy from, at&t, whoever it happens to be, when i buy that, i should be able to pick the channels i want. why do i have to pay for all these channels i don't want? that's what he's talking about. a la carte means you should be able to pick, and if you want 10, you want 50, it's up to you, you pick and choose what you want. but that's not the way the cable systems negotiate their contracts with the content folks, you know, with the hbos and abc, etc. that's just no
Aug 5, 2013 8:00pm EDT
there as possible and we don't leave anyone behind. >> host: senator pryor one of your colleague senator mccain has introduced his cable bill. >> guest: i knew that was going to come up. >> host: speaking of costs how do you feel about that? >> guest: i appreciate senator mccain. he has filed an À la carte bill every year since i've been in the senate and he feels passionately about it. i think we have to look at it. we have to consider it but i also think we are seeing a market change there as well because the whole idea of all a card in an intuitively i like it , is that when i buy a cable package from say comcast or whoever i buy it from at&t when i buy that i should be able to pay for the channels they want. why do we have to pay for all these channels that i don't want. that is what he is talking about. À la carte means that you should be able to pick and it's up to you but you pick and choose what you want. that is not the way the cable system will shape their contract with the content folks with hbo and abc's. that is just not how it works. in effect mccain says we need to go in there and
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